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Bordeaux’s Growth In The U.S. Market: A Progress Report From America’s Wine Retailers

Despite years of soaring prices, lackluster vintages and a generational shift in consumption patterns, sales of Bordeaux in the U.S. have been recovering far more rapidly than might be expected. Continue reading →

Posted in News on June 20, 2016

News Briefs for June 20, 2016

•Bordeaux’s Chateau Cheval Blanc and its Argentina venture Cheval des Andes, both part of the LVMH portfolio, are launching a special edition Heritage Pack that includes one bottle each of the wineries’ 2011 vintages. Continue reading →

Posted in News on June 20, 2016

Wine Spectator: Bordeaux’s Big Names Hit The Market With Big Prices

Bordeaux’s en primeur campaign for the 2015 vintage is continuing the momentum created last week when a flurry of top estates released their wines. Continue reading →

Posted in News on June 9, 2016

Wine Spectator: Bordeaux Futures Accelerate Into High Gear

Château Canon’s release last week appears to have triggered the real start of the 2015 Bordeaux futures campaign. Continue reading →

Posted in News on June 6, 2016

Bordeaux’s 2015 Futures Campaign: Wine Spectator’s Analysis

The springtime frenzy of Bordeaux’s en primeur tastings is over, and the next stage in the 2015 vintage’s life is here: the formal release of the wine futures to the market. Continue reading →

Posted in News on May 11, 2016

Wine Spectator Asks: Will Americans Buy 2015 Bordeaux Futures?

Bordeaux’s 2015 wines are the vintage the wine trade has been waiting for. After several difficult years that have left négociants, retailers and consumers alike wondering if the en primeurs system is a relic, a promising vintage could resuscitate sales and enliven the futures system. Continue reading →

Posted in News on April 27, 2016

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