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News Briefs for June 11, 2019

•Diageo is set to open the Dublin-based Roe & Co Irish Whiskey distillery to visitors beginning June 21. Continue reading →

Posted in News on June 11, 2019

Wine Spectator: Trade War Is Hurting U.S. Wineries

American wine, beer, and spirits producers are worried. Trade disputes between the U.S. and China, Mexico, and the European Union are all impacting their businesses. Continue reading →

Posted in News on June 7, 2019

Whisky Advocate: China Prepares To Wage War On American Whiskey

Tucked among a list of 106 U.S. products—including global commodities like corn and soybeans, passenger vehicles, frozen animal heads, and cryptic-sounding chemicals—the sight of “whiskies” surely caused hearts to sink across Kentucky. Continue reading →

Posted in News on April 5, 2018