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Cannabis Briefs for November 5, 2019

November 5, 2019

•Arvada, Colorado-based Ceria Brewing is releasing Indiewave, its second dealcoholized cannabis beer. It joins the company’s Grainwave Belgian White Ale, which debuted in Colorado last December, and contains 5 mg. of THC a bottle. Indiewave, an IPA, features 10 mg. of both THC and CBD for a stronger but balanced effect. Indiewave will launch at dispensaries in Colorado this month and in California next month in single cans ($7-$9) or 4-packs ($30-$36). Ceria launched a non-alcoholic, non-infused version of Grainwave earlier this year and promises the same for Indiewave, to be available early next year. Ceria products are infused and distributed in Colorado by Keef Brands and by Growpacker in California.

•The USDA has drafted interim rules governing the production of hemp, which was legalized for commercial production with the 2018 Farm Bill. Since then, many states have already designed their own regulations governing hemp. The new federal rules codify the USDA’s ability to approve those state plans and also supplies an approach of their own for states that haven’t yet addressed the issue. Under the USDA’s plan, hemp samples must be tested for THC concentration within 15 days of harvest; any crop testing over the accepted threshold of 0.3% THC must be destroyed. The interim rules are valid for two years. “Producer interest in hemp production is largely driven by the potential for high returns from sales of hemp flowers to be processed into CBD oil,” the USDA stated. “This interim rule will help expand production and sales of domestic hemp, benefiting both U.S. producers and consumers.”

•Great North Distributors, the Canadian subsidiary of Southern Glazer’s, has added Tinley Beverage Co. to its portfolio. Under the agreement, Great North will distribute Tinley’s products nationwide. Tinley is currently in negotiations with a Health Canada licensed manufacturer toward a production agreement for the Canadian market for its cannabis beverages, which are already sold in California. In the U.S., the Tinley portfolio includes cannabis-infused “tonics” like High Horse Spicy Ginger & Lime and Stone Daisy Blue Agave & Lime, as well as “elixirs” like Almond Cask, Cinnamon Cask, and Coconut Cask, which are meant for consumption straight, on the rocks, or in mixed drinks.

•More details are trickling out regarding Canopy Growth’s next wave of edibles and drinks. In addition to established brands Tweed, Tokyo Smoke, and Houseplant, Canopy will release products under the brands Deep Space, Quatreau, and The Bean Bud, according to BNN Bloomberg. Beverages will be infused with a proprietary cannabis “syrup” that took two years to develop. The company plans to release more than 50 new products in Canada next year in a staggered rollout, with gummies releasing in April and additional drinks next summer.

•Southeastern Grocers, parent company of Bi-Lo and Winn-Dixie, will begin offering CBD products at 152 of its stores in Florida and South Carolina. The CBD products on offer will include supplemental, pet, and topical forms, with Southeastern Grocers serving as the first conventional retailer to sell all three varieties within the Southeast region, according to the company. Kroger, Walgreens, and CVS have also entered the CBD category, with Kroger launching CBD offerings in 945 stores in 17 states earlier this year.

•Cincinnati-based Queen City Hemp is launching its CBD seltzers in 6- and 12-packs and expanding its retail availability. Previously available by the 4-flavor case ($99) online, Queen City is now launching in 6- and 12-packs ($25 and $45, respectively) of single flavors nationwide via its website. The brand also has extended its retail presence in singles and 6-packs to convenience stores and grocers throughout Ohio, Kentucky, West Virginia, Indiana, Illinois, Tennessee, and Missouri. Each 12-ounce can has 5 mg. of full-spectrum hemp-derived CBD, with flavors including Lemon Lavender, Guava, Blood Orange, and Passion Fruit.

•Health Canada has licensed Aphria’s Diamond cultivation facility in Leamington, Ontario. The facility, which can now begin growing crops, provides 1.3 million square feet of production space and an annual growing capacity of 140,000 kg. Across the company’s full production footprint, Aphria is now capable of total annualized production of 255,000 kg. of cannabis. Aphria Diamond is 51% owned by Aphria and 49% owned by Double Diamond, a commercial greenhouse company.

•Boulder, Colorado-based Wana Wellness has introduced a new line of hemp gummies. Made with THC-free broad-spectrum hemp oil, the vegan, gluten-free gummies contain 20 mg. of CBD a serving, with 30 servings per bottle. Each bottle retails at $50. Wana Wellness hemp gummies come in Mixed Berry and Tropical flavors.

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