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Interview, Part 2: Bill Silver On CannaCraft’s Moves In Cannabis Flower And CBD

May 26, 2020

In the second part of our conversation with CannaCraft president, new markets, Bill Silver, we discuss the California-based company’s expansion plans, the outlook for CBD, new product lines, and philanthropic initiatives.

SND: How has CannaCraft’s expansion drive played out over the past year?

Silver: We’re now in Colorado as well as California. We brought HiFi Hops there last fall, and now we’ve just released our Care By Design CBD brand as well. That’s going to start showing up on more dispensary shelves. Meanwhile, we’re in discussions regarding partnerships in other states. But we also remain very focused on the large market of California and will continue to expand our presence there.

SND: Speaking of Care By Design, what do you have in the works for the CBD space?

Silver: This month we launched Care By Design Hemp, which is a direct-to-consumer national play for us. We have new formulations based on hemp and other terpenes and health profiles, and we’re really excited to get that to market. As people have learned about it over the years, the demand has been growing and it’s too slow to get there in the dispensary channels nationally as different states open up. The demand is clear; it’s about fulfilling the national demand that’s already there. We’ve targeted those use cases that people have come to associate with the Care By Design brand already: rest and help with sleeping, pain relief, general wellness and balance, calming, anti-anxiety, and a general uplifting effect.

SND: Is CannaCraft working on anything outside its core infused products focus?

Silver: In March we launched our first flower brand, called Farmer and the Felon. It has taken off—we’re hundreds of percentage points above our goals on sales. We haven’t really played much with flower as a core part of our business over the last couple years, but we saw an opportunity to bring a branded product to that category, and we’ve been pleasantly surprised by the market’s response. It’s a tribute to our two founders—both of whom have been cultivators, and one of whom went to federal prison for doing so. We’re using the brand to contribute to the Last Prisoner Project.

SND: What’s the download on that initiative?

Silver: The Last Prisoner Project is trying to get all the people out of prison who are being held for nonviolent cannabis-related crimes. It’s an interesting scenario for those of us running a business in this industry, because it’s built on the backs of people who were there before us—many of whom are still sitting in jail. With this brand, we’re trying to create visibility for them, and we’re contributing to the effort. Our founder, Dennis Hunter—the felon in Farmer and the Felon—is on the Last Prisoner Project’s board, and there’s been a lot of resonance for that mission.

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