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Exclusive: Loki Enhanced Seltzer Pioneers Delta-8 THC Beverage Category

April 20, 2021

In the world of cannabinoids, there’s always something new on the horizon. While THC and CBD receive the lion’s share of attention, numerous minor cannabinoids abound, all ripe for innovation. Loki, a new seltzer brand, is bringing one of these to forefront with its Delta-8 THC-infused drinks. Delta-8, so named for its differentiation from regular THC, which is more properly called Delta-9 THC, is notable for providing a middle ground between non-psychoactive CBD and the full effects of THC.

“Delta-8 gives you the same psychoactive effects as Delta-9 would, but it doesn’t have that level of paranoia or anxiety,” co-founder Harji Singh told SNDC. “The feeling is much more conducive to being social.”

Loki is the brainchild of three partners: Singh, Ashish Joseph, and Rikin Patel. Joseph and Patel own SC Botanicals, a hemp extraction facility in South Carolina, which led them to learn about Delta-8 early in 2020. Singh, meanwhile, is the creative director of New York City-based digital marketing agency Azai Studios. After initial skepticism around a compound often derided as “weed-lite,” the idea for Loki began to take shape only last December when Patel introduced Singh to Delta-8 gummies accompanied by a seltzer.

“We felt like we were well positioned as a team to bring our product to market,” Singh said. “Ashish has a background in the distribution side of things. Rikin has a background in the pharmaceutical industry and the marijuana industry side. And I own a creative branding agency here in New York. We had the experience already to hit the ground running really quickly. We knew that this was a wave that we needed to catch, and if we didn’t catch it now it would be too late.”

Loki is launching with one SKU, designated by its black can. Containing 20mg of Delta-8—which, it should be noted, is fully legal under the 2018 Farm Bill provisions that legalized hemp containing less than 0.3% THC—the Loki black can is lemon-lime flavored and targeted at social evening occasions. Eight to twelve months from now, the team plans to launch a white can to accompany the black. It will have the same potency but will be more of a tropical, fruity flavor, targeted toward daytime activities.

The company has already produced 100,000 cans for its initial production run, a large percentage of which will be direct-to-consumer from the brand’s website, Singh says. It will initially be distributed to markets including Houston, Miami, and throughout the tri-state area in the northeast, among other areas. A 4-pack retails for $25 on Loki’s website.

“We want to be the industry leader when it comes to Delta-8,” Singh said. “We want to create somewhat of an alternative to alcohol, where people could drink this and have a great time and not regret it the next day.”—Danny Sullivan

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