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CEO Andy England On His Ambitious Plans For Phillips Distilling

July 30, 2021

Less than a year into his tenure as Phillips Distilling Company’s CEO, Andy England is leading a portfolio-spanning rebrand and spurring the company to bring new products to market. The company’s flagship UV Vodka has just received a packaging refresh and, later this year, Phillips will revamp its Revel Stoke flavored whisky portfolio, taking aim at young legal drinking age men. England puts Phillips’s branded business at roughly 1.5 million cases and says that his goal is return the portfolio to growth after a challenging period.

Currently, the company is rolling out updated packaging for UV Vodka. The new labels feature photosensitive ink that adds color to the label when exposed to sunlight. The new labels will debut on UV’s unflavored vodka this year before expanding to UV’s flavors in 2022. Last year, Impact Databank estimates that UV was at 1.1 million cases in the U.S.

Cubist is the distillery’s latest proposition, a 40% abv vodka aimed at directly at consumers’ freezers. “We designed a whole bunch of different vodkas with that in mind and we took the competition as well. We put them all in the freezer. We put them all in the fridge. We put them at room temperature and we tasted them all in those circumstances” to get the best liquid, says Andy England, CEO. The new brand retails for $25 and will launch in August in Arizona and Minnesota ahead of a wider release planned for 2022.

In September, Phillips will relaunch its Revel Stoke brand with renamed whiskies and new brand positioning. While Revel Stoke will keep the same flavors, the brand identity is pivoting to an irreverent attitude with names like Nutcrusher (peanut butter) and Lei’d (pineapple). “If I can quote Spinal Tap here, I want to dial it up to 11,” England says. “The brand’s name presentation itself is just strong. It’s gone from being okay, from being somewhat interesting, to being powerful.”

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