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Interview, Part 2: David Jabour, President Of Texas Retail Chain Twin Liquors

August 6, 2021

In the second part of our interview, David Jabour, president and co-owner of 100-store Texas chain Twin Liquors, discusses the impact of the pandemic on the company’s business, threats to the state’s retail laws and continued opportunities for growth.

SND: What are your concerns at this point that publicly held retail companies will again seek the right to sell spirits in Texas?

Jabour: Attention has been renewed that this matter will begin to work its way through the state court system, potentially reaching the appellate level and eventually the Texas Supreme Court, a process which could take several years. It’s important to note that Texas’s current law prohibiting such rights has prevailed through the federal court system.

SND: Are you planning any new stores, acquisitions, or entry into new markets?

Jabour: We have stores in every major market in Texas—Austin, Dallas/Fort Worth, Houston, San Antonio—and we entered west Texas late last year with a store in Lubbock. We’re always considering new stores, renovations and expansions. At this point, any of that will be in existing markets.

SND: In store, are your events now back on track?

Jabour: We resumed in-store tastings and activations July 1. We’re now in the process of scheduling events in our classrooms at applicable stores. Consumers are excited to be engaging in-store again.

SND: With sales revenue at your stores up at a double-digit rate in 2020, what trends stood out for you last year?

Jabour: From a consumer standpoint, we saw a discovery out of necessity of e-commerce. Consumers who had never utilized e-commerce in the past did so last year, and it became a major component of our business, adding to our growth. Still, in-store consumer traffic was by far our dominant mode of transactions. Unlike in other markets, our stores were always open during the pandemic. While e-commerce demand has waned a bit this year, consumers are back in the marketplace.

SND: Were you prepared for the increased demand for e-commerce?

Jabour: Not fully. At the start of the pandemic, we had 25% of our stores, geographically dispersed, set up for e-commerce. Following the start of the pandemic, we moved to setting up 100% of our stores for e-commerce, including delivery and in-store and curbside pickup to markets where we have brick-and-mortar stores. Fortunately, well before the pandemic, we partnered with City Hive on our e-commerce functions. While we provide our own delivery, the vast majority of our delivery business is outsourced to third-party agents such as Postmates and DoorDash.

SND: Has the fourth generation of Jabours entered the business?

Jabour: The fourth generation is now active in the business. My sister Margaret’s two sons are involved, while my college-aged children are engaged and starting to learn the business.

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