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Headset: Edibles Now A $2.3 Billion Category In The U.S.

October 26, 2021

Edible cannabis products are on track to grow sales 29% this year to pass the $2 billion mark in the U.S., according to a recent report from cannabis market research firm Headset. From $1.8 billion in collective sales last year, edibles are set to reach $2.3 billion this year and are projected to come within striking distance of $3 billion in 2022. “Edibles are more popular among older groups of consumers,” Headset notes, “and within each age group, female customers have a higher affinity for edibles than their male counterparts.”

The U.S. totals dwarf Canada’s, where consumers are expected to buy C$182 million ($147m) this year and C$253 million ($204m) next year. The lion’s share of this disparity is attributable to the massive population difference between the two nations, but it’s worth noting that edibles lag in market share in our northern neighbor; in the three months through September, edibles accounted for 10.2% of cannabis sales in the U.S. but a mere 5% of Canadian sales, according to Headset. The U.S. category trails flower (43.7%), vaporizers (22.%), and pre-rolls (11%). Its U.S. share is relatively stable but has grown from approximately 7% five years ago.

Gummies are the dominant form in the edibles category, and potency seems to be favored. “When we break down edible sales by segments, we find that the majority of sales go to the gummies segment in both the US (71.1%) and Canada (65.1%),” Headset notes. “The majority of sales in both countries go to package sizes with the maximum legal THC potency. In the U.S., 70.8% of sales go to the 100mg THC package size, the maximum limit in most states, and in Canada, 92.9% of sales go to the 10mg THC package size, which is the maximum limit in Canada.” Beyond gummies, caramels and chocolate bars each make up an additional 10% of U.S. sales.

With regard to brands, Wyld was the dominant player over the three-month period through September, according to Headset’s data from California, Colorado, Michigan, Nevada, Oregon, and Washington. Wyld sold $60 million worth of product in the period, followed by Kiva at $45.6 million, and recent Canopy Growth acquisition Wana at $30.6 million. Kanha followed in fourth place with $17.6 million in sales and Smokiez sold a reported $10.4 million.—Danny Sullivan

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