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Interview: Treasury Americas’ John Wardley On The Growth Of 19 Crimes

January 4, 2022

19 Crimes has been a key growth driver in recent years for Treasury Wine Estates Americas, with the brand roughly quadrupling in size from 2016-2020 to reach 2.2 million cases—and posting another double-digit increase in 2021. The brand, which originally launched with a portfolio of Australian bottlings, has expanded in recent years with California offerings Snoop Cali Red and Cali Rosé in partnership with entertainment icon Snoop Dogg. Last month, TWE and Snoop struck a deal to take their partnership global, with plans calling for new wine launches and entry into international markets. In the final days of 2021, SND executive editor Daniel Marsteller caught up with TWE’s vice president, marketing, for the Americas, John Wardley, to get the latest on the fast-rising brand.

SND: What kind of percentage growth did 19 Crimes see in the U.S. for 2021?

Wardley: Actually 19 Crimes is at double-digit growth, up 22% versus a year earlier to be exact, and we’re expecting consistent growth for 19 Crimes looking ahead, driven by new wines releasing in our Modern tier.

SND: Are you seeing new consumers come into the 19 Crimes brand via the partnership with Snoop and the Cali wines? Are they different consumer groups from those who have favored 19 Crimes in the past?

Wardley: This point is actually one of the most exciting aspects of our partnership with Snoop. Not only has 19 Crimes seen 70% new consumers to the brand with Snoop Cali Red, but 27% of consumers are new to wine—no other wine brand is bringing new consumers into the category at that rate. With the introduction of the Snoop wines we are attracting younger consumers and seeing greater diversity across our consumer base.

SND: Which U.S. markets are driving the best growth for 19 Crimes?

Wardley: We’re seeing the biggest growth in key markets like California, Florida, and Texas. We have found that retailers who display the 19 Crimes Modern and 19 Crimes Proclamation tiers together are seeing a double-digit lift in sales.

SND: How is 19 Crimes positioned in terms of supply in the U.S., given all the challenges occurring in global supply chains lately?

Wardley: The good news here is that despite the challenges we’ve all faced, 19 Crimes has still managed to grow year after year. The introduction of the Cali tier with Snoop means we haven’t relied on the Proclamation tier for growth, and we’re looking ahead with more innovation to come.

SND: Can you offer any insight on the types of innovations 19 Crimes and Snoop might pursue looking ahead? Wines from other global origins for example?

Wardley: The sky is the limit here. Snoop has been the best partner and has some great ideas that we are working on together. All we can say is that Cali Red and Cali Rosé are just the beginning. Over and above the Cali tier, we’re looking at our portfolio of product innovation which will continue to be driven by disruptive partnerships, just like the one we have with Snoop. Watch this space!

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