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Indeed Brewing To Launch Cannabis Drinks Under New Minnesota Regulations

July 12, 2022

Following the unexpected news last month that Minnesota lawmakers had legalized food and drink containing THC for sale to the of-age general public, Minneapolis-based Indeed Brewing is planning a new brand of cannabis seltzers called Two Good. The brewer is on track to launch Two Good on August 1, when it will debut with Lavender Lemon, containing 2mg of THC and 2mg of CBD.

Indeed has been able to fast-track the project thanks to its previous experience making Lull, a CBD seltzer that launched in 2019 and received a strong response from consumers before it was discontinued in 2021 at the behest of the Minnesota Department of Agriculture. In addition to launching Two Good, Indeed is also planning to revive Lull now that CBD is also explicitly legal under the new law, Indeed CEO Tom Whisenand told SNDC.

“There was a lot of optimism that there would be movement to allow CBD in food and drink, which we thought was great because we could launch Lull again,” Whisenand said. “When the law passed someone mentioned to me that THC was on the table now too and I didn’t believe it. And then I read the law. So in addition to having Lull back it opened up this whole new world of opportunity for us to make products that also contain THC.”

Amid the excitement about the new opportunities on offer, Whisenand acknowledged that it’s a challenge to operate with the degree of uncertainty this new law has generated. The law did not establish any sort of regulatory framework for THC products or even specify where they can be sold. This has led to challenges in projecting sales figures for Two Good. Indeed plans to sell it to-go from its taproom, where Whisenand anticipates initial performance will probably be around 5-10 cases a day, but it remains to be seen if grocery stores or other retailers will be willing to put THC drinks on their shelves without more clearly articulated rules.

Indeed is trying to model responsibility in the face of that uncertainty, which begins with not serving it to-stay at its taproom. It also includes the choice to dose it at 2mg of THC when it could have been as strong as 5mg. “I look at 2mg of THC and think that’s comparable to a single beer or glass of wine,” Whisenand said. “Legal THC is something new in this state and there are a lot of people who could be using Two Good as their first time experimenting with it or first time in 30 years, for instance. So this is a level that will allow people to experiment in that way. And we can always go up to 5mg with another flavor later on.”—Danny Sullivan

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