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Pernod Partners With Casa Lumbre, Lenny Kravitz On New Sotol Brand

October 13, 2022

Pernod Ricard has partnered with Casa Lumbre and musician Lenny Kravitz on a new Mexican spirits brand, Nocheluna. Nocheluna sotol is rolling out now in select markets in the U.S. as part of a wider global launch. The brand is initially rolling out in Texas, California, New York, Florida, Arizona, Colorado, Illinois, and New Mexico for a suggested price of $80. Casa Lumbre is the maker of mezcals Ojo de Tigre and Montelobos, as well as liqueur Ancho Reyes. With Tequila surging in the U.S. and mezcal continuing to make inroads, marketers are eyeing more of Mexico’s traditional spirits as growth opportunities, with sotol being a key candidate.

“Here’s something that’s new that fits within that world that you might know from Tequila and mezcal. But it is completely unique and it’s sophisticated,” Kravitz said in an interview with SND. “The spirit speaks for itself. And I think that people are always looking for something that is new.” The 43% abv spirit is distilled from the Dasylirion plant (aka the sotol plant) grown in Mexico’s Chihuahua region. The plants are cooked for three to four days before a weeklong open-air fermentation ahead of distillation.

The brand was born after Kravitz tried the spirit and learned more about sotol, eventually taking a trip to Chihuahua to meet with the Casa Lumbre team. The name—a combination of the Spanish words for night and moon—came during a later meeting between the team in the Bahamas. It comes in a green-tinted clear bottle with the branding shown on a black and white label, as well as embossed on the bottle. “It looks fresh and clean, but it looks old world,” said Kravitz. “I took it around to numerous bars. I put it up there next to the best designed bottles and it stood up there and commanded attention.”

Kravitz said his role as a partner in the brand is to use his platform to help bring consumers into sotol and the Nocheluna brand. He highlighted Casa Lumbre’s emphasis on sustainability and the team they’ve assembled as key reasons why they were an appealing partner for the spirits venture.

This is not Pernod Ricard’s first partnership with Casa Lumbre, having previously taken an interest in Ojo de Tigre, as well as Mexican corn whisky Abasolo. “Nocheluna brings with it new opportunities for innovation, creativity and exploration,” said Alexandre Ricard, chairman and CEO, in a statement this morning. “We are extremely excited to introduce sotol to new consumers who are looking for an authentic and deeply rooted spirit with a distinctive flavor profile.”

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