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ReserveBar Targets RTD Trend, Aiming To Enlist 10,000 Retailers

January 23, 2023

A few months after unveiling on-demand delivery, e-commerce channel ReserveBar has launched Get Stocked, a new online ordering platform focused on RTDs and other canned beverages. The service will offer both on-demand ordering (where available) and traditional shipping, matching the capacities of both Minibar—acquired by ReserveBar in November 2021—and ReserveBar’s original website, which launched on-demand delivery last October. ReserveBar has partnered with nearly 5,000 retailers for the launch, and president Derek Correia tells SND that number will push closer to 10,000 as soon as possible.

Initially, Get Stocked will offer over 600 SKUs, including key players in spirits-based RTDs, beer, and hard seltzer, such as High Noon, Cutwater, White Claw, and Dogfish Head among many others. Correia tells SND that Get Stocked will meet consumer demand for what he calls “cooler occasions” such as picnics, beach days, and tailgating. “We saw this need for a site that wasn’t just for people to buy what they knew they wanted, but to be able to shop with appropriate education and exploration and discovery and support to get those occasions right in an on-demand fashion,” he says.

Additionally, ReserveBar sees Get Stocked as beneficial for brands and suppliers, as it creates a dedicated channel for beer, seltzers, and RTDs that can mimic the level of information offered on ReserveBar’s website, in a focused manner. “Minibar isn’t built to facilitate the kind of immersive shopping experience that ReserveBar is,” says Correia. Adding all these new beverages to ReserveBar, he says, could clutter the experience, so the company pursued a new channel.

The initial lineup aims to balance popular brands that will draw consumers to Get Stocked, along with new products that can encourage trial. “There’s kind of this optimal stage in a brand lifecycle where we can avail it to the customer. It’s still going to be new,” he says. “They’re still in the mode of trying to get people to try it. And we can be a platform to introduce those brands to the people who drink in these categories.” During the website’s weeklong beta test, Correia says that many orders were fulfilled in under an hour, with the majority being delivered in under two hours.

Overall, Correia says that 2022 was a year of retrenching for the company, with a substantial amount of work required to integrate Minibar’s technology into ReserveBar and launch on-demand delivery. While he characterized 2022 as an “inward” year, he pointed to on-demand as being a strong source of holiday sales, and quite popular among last-minute shoppers. Looking ahead, Correia sees low- and non-alcohol beverages continuing to grow in popularity as well as a more general sense of exploration, with consumers open to trying new flavors, whether in canned RTDs, bitter aperitifs, or international spirits.

ReserveBar, chaired by industry veteran Jim Clerkin, counts Southern Glazer’s as an equity investor. The distribution giant took an equity stake in ReserveBar in March 2021, a few weeks after Uber acquired Drizly for $1.1 billion. RNDC has also made moves in the e-commerce space lately, forming a strategic partnership with Flaviar last November and adding an investment in Thirstie the following month.—Shane English

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