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Help With My Shanken News Daily Email Subscription

How do I sign up for Shanken News Daily?
It’s simple. Just visit our sign-up page, and enter your email address. That’s it! You’ll receive a welcome email alerting you that your subscription is effective immediately. And your subscription will begin with the very next issue of Shanken News Daily.

I’m signed up for Shanken News Daily, but I’m not receiving the emails.
Thanks to spammers, it can sometimes be tricky to get an email newsletter — even one you’ve signed up for! But there are tips you can use to help make sure our newsletter ends up in your inbox, not in your junkmail.

The best first step is to add this email address to your contacts list: email@outbound-email.mshanken.com. (You can even send an email to that address, if you need to.) That’s the email address from which we send the Shanken News Daily. If this address is in your contacts list, your email service is more likely to allow the email to go through properly.

If you’ve taken this step and still cannot receive the emails, we’d like you to let us know. Please send an email to shankennewshelp@mshanken.com, and let us know what’s the problem. We’ll work with you to get everything straightened out.

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