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Canada Update, Part 2: Producers Gear Up Ahead Of Legalization 2.0

With edible and drinkable forms of cannabis going legal in Canada later this year, along with vapes and concentrates, producers are ramping up their output and racing to secure their positions in the rapidly evolving market. Continue reading →

Posted in News on August 13, 2019

Canada Update, Part 1: After An Uneven Rollout, Sales Are On The Rise

With Canada’s recent unveiling of regulations governing edible, extract, and topical cannabis products—which will begin reaching store shelves just before Christmas—the country’s cannabis market is at a turning point. Continue reading →

Posted in News on July 30, 2019

Canada Details Rules For Edibles, Drinkables Ahead Of October Rollout

Canada’s cannabis market is set to enter new territory later this year with the launch of edibles, extracts, and topical products. Health Canada officials recently announced the official regulations for those new categories as well as the timetable for their coming to market. Continue reading →

Posted in News on June 18, 2019

With Trade Deal, Canada And Mexico Expected To Lift U.S. Whiskey Tariffs

Following Friday’s announcement that the U.S. will lift its steel and aluminum tariffs on Canada and Mexico, those two countries are expected to rescind their retaliatory levies on American whiskey, offering relief to U.S. producers whose exports have been hurt by the trade battle. Continue reading →

Posted in News on May 20, 2019

Cannabis Briefs for April 23, 2019

•In the month of February, Canadian cannabis sales hit their lowest monthly total since legalization, according to Health Canada, as producers have begun stockpiling cannabis reserves to meet demand when edibles are legalized his fall. Continue reading →

Posted in News on April 23, 2019

Cannabis Briefs for February 26, 2019

•The Napa Valley Cannabis Association is planning a ballot initiative to allow cannabis cultivation, which has been delayed by the county Board of Supervisors’ repeated extension of an emergency moratorium on the issue. Continue reading →

Posted in News on February 26, 2019

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