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Florida Retail Leader Charles Bailes Responds To The Walmart Challenge

After the recent introduction of two new bills in the Florida legislature that would allow spirits to be sold alongside wine and beer in supermarkets and retail stores, Florida’s independent retailers are seeing the move as a call to arms. The two new proposals, in the Senate (SB804) and the House of Representatives (HB877), are being supported by Walmart and opposed by the Florida Independent Spirits Association, as Shanken News Daily reported on January 21. Committee chairmen in both chambers will soon decide whether these bills will receive hearings.

Charles Bailes, Chairman and CEO of the 142-unit ABC Fine Wine & Spirits, Florida’s largest independent beverage alcohol retailer, views these bills not only as threatening to small independent retailers in Florida, but also to the control of underage drinking. He recently spoke to Shanken News Daily about this issue. Continue reading →

Posted in News on February 27, 2014

Florida’s Independent Retailers Brace For A Walmart Push To Sell Spirits

Florida’s independent spirits retailers are gearing up for a legislative fight against Walmart, which is said to be planning a new effort to relax retail restrictions on spirits sales in the Sunshine state. Continue reading →

Posted in News on January 21, 2014