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New York Lawmakers Stir Debate With New Effort To Pass “At-Rest” Legislation

The battle over New York state’s proposed “at-rest” legislation for wine and spirits is heating up. Continue reading →

Posted in News on February 4, 2014

Wine Spectator: Hobbs, Selbach Announce New Winery Project in New York’s Finger Lakes

The Finger Lakes wine region of New York, which has steadily improved in recent years with Riesling as its lead variety, is drawing increasing attention from outside vintners, Wine Spectator reports. Continue reading →

Posted in News on January 23, 2014

Wine Spectator Looks at New York’s Proposed Wine Sales Restrictions

Wine Spectator digs into two thorny regulatory issues that could impact the fine wine market in New York state—the “at-rest” bill being considered in the New York legislature that would require wines distributed in New York to be warehoused in the state for at least 24 hours; and the New York State Liquor Authority’s declaratory ruling that sets forth ground rules for third-party wine sellers like Amazon, Facebook, Gilt and Lot18, as well as wine clubs like those of the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times and Williams-Sonoma. Continue reading →

Posted in News on April 26, 2013

New York ‘At-Rest’ Legislation Sparks Debate

New York’s state senate is considering a bill requiring all alcoholic beverages entering New York to be stored in-state at a licensed warehouse for at least 48 hours before being distributed to retailers. Continue reading →

Posted in News on April 16, 2013

News Briefs for December 6, 2012

•Authorities in New York are making it easier to gain wine direct shipping licenses. Continue reading →

Posted in News on December 6, 2012

Industry Still Mobilizing To Aid Sandy’s Victims

As New York and New Jersey continue to clean up after Hurricane Sandy, all three tiers of the beverage alcohol industry have mobilized to help. Continue reading →

Posted in News on November 19, 2012

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